Celtic Prayer

Sacred Space 2011 arrived in time for the start of Advent – excellent! I ordered from amazon.com and it came from amazon Germany. (Possibly because of a large USA army force resident there?) The prayer at the beginning is an ideal one for this time of year.

Prayer for the Journey

As the rain hides the stars,
as the autumn mist hides the hills,
as the clouds veil the blue of the sky,
so the dark happenings of my lot
hide the shining of your face from me.
Yet, if I may hold your hand in the darkness,
it is enough, since I know that,
though I may stumble in my going,
you do not fall.

Not much snow here yet.

At least, not much in comparison to other places. The car would still need to be dug out in order to get out of the driveway.

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4 Responses to Celtic Prayer

  1. So beautiful, and I love the photo.

  2. Lyn says:

    I’m happy for you that it arrived in time!

  3. LC says:

    Good news that amazon.com came through on time! Thank you for sharing the Celtic prayer. I appreciate that image of God with us in the darkness. Enjoyed your 25th anniversary post, too. Good friends and good laughter are good medicine indeed.

  4. friko says:

    This really is a lovely prayer, Freda.

    Our car doesn’t need digging out, it’s stuck in the garage and won’t come out. Coward!
    We can walk but not drive.
    This weather is forcing all of us to adopt a lighter footfall on the earth.

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