Spring at last

Yesterday was a rare spring day so it became a rare Day Out. There is something about standing beneath a blossom tree that never fails to lift my heart. Perhaps it is the constant hum of a hundred bees – a sound of hope if ever there was one.

This morning I was at a well-attended service – one where our churches in the area got together, enjoyed singing some great hymns  and one with coffee and food afterwards. People gathered in small groups, pleased to have the opportunity to exchange news, not least that the weather has been better for a few days this week. There was the sense that we had done well to last the long winter. Maybe that says something about the age profile of our congregations, in fact I am sure it does, for we are mainly over sixty. I was going to say that we are mainly retirees but that doesn’t reflect the volunteering and helping out that many people are engaged in.

The message of the service was about loving one another, loving our friends and families and loving our communities. Sadly, churches have not always had a good record at the simple task of being kind. But on a day like today there is hope that things will get better. If you have been a regular reader here then you will know that I have been struggling with contemporary events for some time. In fact, a good many blog writers are mirroring similar difficulties. Of course it could just be the beginning of the real elder years – after all I cannot go on pushing old age to ten years hence.

For today, I’m with the bees – content to try my best to do what I can where I am. Hence this very small step sending Blessings to you from Dalamory.

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6 Responses to Spring at last

  1. ray Barnes says:

    Your church get-together sounds very appealing Freda. There is something profoundly uplifting about sharing tea and chat with people who are like-minded, especially as we are all just about daring to put our noses out of our shells.
    What a long long winter this has been (and here sadly, it is not yet over). I love the beautiful tree in your photo.
    Enjoy your Spring.

  2. Sheila says:

    Well said Freda and hopefully the bees will be heard here soon. The frost this morning is pretty but hopefully the last for a while. The world is a cruel place and it is a challenge to not be dragged down. Community and the “little” things are where I like to focus or “hide” from the cruelty of the news. Locally, there’s lots to be positive about.

  3. Jeanette Campbell says:

    So pleased you are writing again – I recently read a book about trees and their ability to communicate with each other and support each other – perhaps your beautiful flowering tree is a reminder that we humans can communicate and help each other – that we are connected world wide and perhaps if each of us reach out with loving kindness it will gradually spread and bear fruit just as the fungi under the trees carry goodness and messages to all the trees – we can only hope and reach out.

  4. Randall says:

    Hi Freda

    Your post resonates with me too. I’ve had a bit of a challenging year and I’m thinking that if that is what aging is like, I’m going to need much grace to get me through. 🙂

    Jut thinking of you and your life there and glad that the One we worship has grace in abundance for the likes of us.

    Take care.

  5. freda says:

    Many thanks, Randall, Things are still hard, but we are getting through. God Bless

  6. freda says:

    As you may have noticed, the writing hasn’t exactly been going well. Maybe with the onset of Autumn things will get better. Every Blessing

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