Low Sunday

Our Locum Minister looked round church and said how pleasantly surprised he was to see so many people there on what is traditionally referred to as Low Sunday. The Sunday after Easter Day is thus called, he said, because of the low following on from the high of Easter.  When I was working in the parish I tended to think it was called this, because the Ministers were all exhausted and feeling “low” after all the adrenalin and rushing around of Easter and Holy Week.

One of the things that is so pleasant about being retired is that the lows and highs tend to be evened out. At least they do, if we let them. Life can become more gentle and more thoughtful when there are no huge demands like helping to provide big worship at the festivals of the Christian year. I like to think that the insights that come with ageing can be shared in a sensitive and caring way with colleagues, family and friends. At least that is my hope and my prayer. The central theme of love overcoming all things is the gift that retiral can put into sharp focus to enable us to share with one another.  Just like our Preacher urged us to do today.

Blessings to you and yours from Dalamory.

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