Special thanks today for Son #3 who has spent much of the day in hospital having a nasty abscess drained. Hopefully, he is now well on the mend. He has been much braver than I would have been. Childbirth? Yes x 4. Dealing with an arm half of which has become infected……… no thanks. He has my admiration and respect.

Thanks to friends and readers from the US over the Thanksgiving holiday. Such a wonderful-sounding festival. I always presume it means thanks for family, friends and freedom/justice of country.

Every Blessing to you and yours.

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  1. Our first president, George Washington, issued the decree for the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Thanks be to the Almighty Creator, he wrote (he was probably thankful the British had gone home!!) . Treated as a secular holiday, the Day has become a time for families to gather together and give thanks.

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