Starlings then and now

When I worked in Glasgow in the 1960s it was an effort on a winter’s evening to dodge the starlings’ droppings. After a long day, office workers spilled out onto the streets to head for the trains and buses home. The streets were full of the sound of the birds settling on window ledges to roost. They had presumably gathered in the city centre for warmth. I can still remember the sound, see the droppings near the edges of the buildings and smell the vaguely warm detritus. Such is the stuff of memories.

Nowadays we celebrate a murmuration of starlings in the countryside. Fascinating to watch on youtube.

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4 Responses to Starlings then and now

  1. Tabor says:

    Love their ballet…do not love their scratchy calls or their droppings. But they are just as essential to this world as every living thing.

  2. Mina says:

    I used to see the murmurations when travelling south – they do their displays beautifully above the stretch of road between Scotland and England,. On many occasions causing the traffic to slow down as travellers watched the display. I never got tired of watching them.

    And, yes I too can remember dodging their droppings in the streets of Glasgow.

  3. Pure Joy. So perfect, the photographer composed a lovely film. I’ve seen these gatherings as sundown and cursed them, but never again. Thank you for sharing this truly spiritual gathering Freda.

  4. freda says:

    Maybe we dodged one another without realising it, Mina!

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