What does a visit to the hairdresser give?

  • An insight into local politics
  • A discussion of international affairs
  • A who’s who of the Local Authority
  • Star of the week – and what they are wearing
  • Advice on dieting
  • Where to go for the best bargains in town
  • A modicum of pastoral counselling

Oh yes – and a pretty decent haircut and blow dry too.

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2 Responses to Hairdresser

  1. Mina says:

    What would we do without hairdressers doctors, dentists? The surest way to catch up with general news, views and opinions and of course long out of date magazines. Actually found a good up-to-date weekly magazine in the surgery called ‘THE WEEK’. Very interesting international articles in it. Must do some e-research and find out more about it, or even find out if one or any of our local paper stocking shops sell it.

  2. Wonderful. The stylist who cuts my hair is from lebanon, so we usually discuss the Middle East. Dianne

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