Good News

Two bits of good news today.  Firstly, the doctor was pleased with my tests and my blood pressure – I have been told to go away and have a good Christmas.  This I intend to do. However, it does remind me of the years when I was working in a parish church. Christmas became a slightly mad time what with all the build up of Advent, schools services, personal gift shopping, cards – both business and personal – and all of the associated excitement. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and to remember to be thankful. It really does help to remember some good news of the day, however small. Older old folk than me often have the trick of looking out for the best in life, and they end up with better lives because of that.

Second piece of good news is that I am feeling and looking better. It is official – my Dance Teacher says so. And when I passed this snippet of information on to HBTW he said…… that he hadn’t wanted to say so while I looked grim, and he was able to confirm that I do look better. It does wonders for the morale. For the record, tonight we concentrated on the Tango, the Rumba and the Waltz.  For the first time since my ankle fracture I was able to wear my sparkly dance shoes – magical. I felt like clicking my heels together and dreaming of rainbows.


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3 Responses to Good News

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Good news indeed Freda, well done. Just go easy on the heel-clicking, you don’t want another fracture.
    You must have made really good progress to be able to dance again.
    A blessed (injury-free) Advent to you.

  2. freda says:

    Thanks Ray, and today I managed another walk with the dog round the village. A happy and blessed Advent to you as well.

  3. ernestine says:


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