Autumn Gold

A number of years ago the Scottish Tourist Board ran a season of advertising called – Autumn Gold . . . . . . .  That is what it feels like being in Scotland at the moment. We are just coming to the end of a period of several weeks of dry, sunny, frosty weather . . . . .  the results are all around us. Breathtaking.

IMG_1299Walking with Misty has become a delight of sights, smells and sounds. No wonder our friendly hedgehog has started to visit. He / She now comes to the front door around bedtime and obviously enjoys the food on the menu – it disappears fast. HBTW has discovered that a medium-soft boiled egg scooped out of the shell and mashed up, makes a delicious looking gooey mess. Prickly, is amazingly unfazed by dog, bright lights or our excitement – Misty just gives said hedgehog a wide berth. We are hoping for a photo opportunity in due time. Hopefully we can help him/her to put on much-needed weight to help out with the period of hibernation.

B2015 AutumnoakDays like these work wonders for the soul. This year has been so much about the Golden Times. . . . . . Shorter days, Yes, but long enough to savour the recreation that retirement brings. Some days I feel a touch of guilt about being so indolent – but it doesn’t last long. After all, walking is highly necessary for health. It doesn’t take much to persuade myself that doing nothing much is allowed.

I wish I could bottle the sense of well-being that comes with an autumn walk and share it. There are so many people I know who could do with a boost. Apparently the Scottish National Trust have been using google technology to photograph walks through their land. Up mountains, along paths, beside waterfalls and all in 360 degree splendour. People who can’t walk up hills and over rough land will be able to enjoy, in part, the experience of being out in the country.

Come to think of it, I am very often in need of some autumn gold myself. As I get older there are days when I feel a bit fragile. (It takes quite a lot of courage to admit that. Stubbornness, I guess is the reason.) The latest medical problem is diploplia – a fancy name for double vision. Investigations so far are suggesting that mine is linked to the number of TIAs or Transient Ischaemic Attacks that I have had over the last ten or eleven years.  There are still more tests to do, but in the meantime the specialist indicated that it was preferable that I do not drive. I had kind of worked that out for myself, though I am hoping against hope that something could be done to make driving safe for me.

If I get down all I have to do is to close my eyes and visualise the hedgehog or think of the autumn colours all along the river.

B2015 Autumnriver1

Blessings to you and yours from Dalamory.




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5 Responses to Autumn Gold

  1. tabor says:

    It seems as if all those blogs I read are full of autumn gold. So lovely and so restoring.

  2. Thank you. A hedgehog must be a wonderful visit. I must content myself with crickets.

  3. Ray Barnes says:

    Lovely blog and lovely pictures Freda. We have some wonderful Autumn colour around at present but walking here is not easy. Busy roads and not enough energy to go far enough into traffic-free country.
    One of the things I lost when John died was my chauffeur and I do miss our drives around this beautiful county.
    Keep enjoying your superb flora and fauna (and hedgehogs) as long as you can.

  4. Cathy says:

    I really enjoyed this post Freda and felt I was there with you revelling in the fabulous colour of the leaves and trees – our autumn has been and gone, winter too. Soon be summer and the cycle will begin again 🙂
    Thanks for visiting Still Waters the other day and for your comments. I’ve been walking again to visit the ducks in the park. No hedgehogs here either – there are echidnas (spiny anteaters) but not where I live.
    Do hope there is some good news on your health issue – I never was more miserable than the time I had my cataracts done and was unable to drive. Independent Annie I am and not happy when I lose it lol
    Take care

  5. Sheila says:

    Can’t wait to see the hedgehog! We are in the throws of summer again in Florida but enjoyed a mild fall before we left. The whole continent is warmer than normal. Love the pictures and descriptions of your autumn gold.

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