Clever dog

Misty has been very good about losing weight – so far she has lost 0.6kgs which is quite a lot for a little cairn.  We are aiming for a target weight of around 7.5kgs. Of course she is not as neat and tidy as this photo – she is due her spring beauty treatment, but the weather is far too cold at the moment. B2012 MistysmilingholsHoly Saturday of the Easter weekend is a strange time for Christians – at least it is for Presbyterians. In some traditions there is a big clean up of church, getting ready for the celebrations tomorrow. Some Church of Scotland congregations have taken on the spring-clean as well.  It was great to see Pope Francis washing the feet of the young offenders, especially as two young women were included.  As to the forthcoming sermonising tomorrow, I hope for love, grace, acceptance and peace.

At Dalamory HBTW and I are awaiting visitors and making the most of the bright, (but cold) weather.

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3 Responses to Clever dog

  1. Dianne says:

    My favorite shot of Francis was the child being air-lifted on hands to his arms. So nice to see such a human touch. Dianne

    Misty should not be losing weight if you don’t have her on a diet.

  2. ernestine says:

    I will just second
    Dianne’s comment.
    Hoping all is well.
    Soon Spring will arrive in my garden 🙂

  3. freda says:

    Just to confirm that the vet wanted her to go on a diet, thus the comment that she is doing very well. Thanks for your concern.

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