Animal doings

B2015 HedgehogfoodTake a guess what this is?  The straightforward among you might say that it is water or maybe vodka or maybe gin, and possibly marzipan sweets or boiled egg. But – the glass is overly large for spirits so it is probably water and if it is a snack then chopped up egg is the most likely. You might also fear for my sanity or wonder if there is a miracle of birth at 71 coming along. On second thoughts, nobody would think that – except perhaps somebody who has had a clutch of children and is getting well into their dotage.  Ahem . . . . . . . .

Does the next photo help?

B2015 HedgehogsetupDead of night – the shadow gives it away. HBTW (Him Behind the Wheel) is pouring water into a shallow tray. Aha! whatever it is cannot drink out of a glass. So if it is not escaped monkeys, dexterous pine martens or squirrels then the chances are that it is food fit for a hedgehog. Indeed that is the case; we have in fact been seeing a happy little hedgehog shuffling about the garden during the dark evenings. This is the time of year when these delightful little animals need to stock up their fat reserves in readiness for hibernation next month. I have it on reliable information that they like hard-boiled egg. And appropriately sized helpings have been disappearing. A whole egg is too much – it seems that about a third of an egg is about right.

So much for our friends the slug-eaters.
Misty has been in a photo-shoot as well.

New tartan collar – not always easy to photograph. And brand new raincoat. (Excuse the background, when taking pictures of Misty it is a case of grab your camera and grab your chance when you can. Moments don’t last long.)

B2015 MistycollarB2015 Mistycoat

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4 Responses to Animal doings

  1. Sheila says:

    Would love to see a hedgehog up close!

  2. Wonderful post. We don’t have hedgehogs here, but I read about them in Beatrix Potter’s books.

  3. LC says:

    Thanks for the rest of the collar and raincoat shopping story. I, too, would like to see the little slug eater beyond Beatrix’s pages.

  4. Mina says:

    Missty says –
    Why are they feeding another animal? And one that eats slugs too – yukkk. I don’t get tasty titbits at my bedtime, not that I would thank you for cold chopped egg, I prefer mine scrambled.
    What do you think of my new coat? Not too sure about the colour, bit loud but I will soon dirty it down to a calmer colour. Main thing is that it feels cosy but a bit new yet. Mum still has not let me go to the store to choose my own clothes. Note to self – must work on mum!

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