Three week Friday

Yes – it is three weeks since I set myself the challenge of making a blog entry every day. A good discipline. Good for the brain and good for the soul. Just like dancing.

Good news from my check up at the doctor’s today: the glucose test was clear, so no pre-diabetic problems. Unfortunately my blood pressure is still a work in progress. I still have a bp it is just too high. However, I did get permission to go to Dance Class as long as I paced myself. Dancing is a good workout for body, mind and spirit. But we really are suffering from the break we had over the summer whilst my ankle was healing. That is our excuse anyway.

Worst dance tonight was a sequence foxtrot.
Best dance was a waltz. Or rather it was the one where we got the most steps in the right order. It has got to get better.

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3 Responses to Three week Friday

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    So you won’t be competing in “Strictly” just yet?


    Still it’s good to hear you are not diabetic.

  2. freda says:

    Since we started Dancing (over 2 years ago now) I have realised how hard the Strictly contestants train!

  3. Congratulations on suger. Now that I am mostly healed from hip surgery, I am getting serious about weight loss again. Logged onto WW today and had to start over as I forgot how to do some things. I gat my blood test results next week as well as lecture on weight loss. Dianne

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