Birthday Blessings

Blessings have been very much on my mind as I think about blogging friends and family who celebrate Thanksgiving. As you probably know already, Misty is a very special part of our lives. Today is her fifth birthday and she is still very much like a puppy, but with better manners.

Happy Birthday, Misty!

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12 Responses to Birthday Blessings

  1. Marcia Mayo says:

    Happy birthday Misty! I guess my grown children are still like kids but with better manners (sometimes).

  2. Lyn says:

    Happy Birthday, little Misty!

  3. robin says:

    The lady of the house believes the manners are better — who am I to disagree!

  4. If you keep showing photographs of this adorable little dog, you will cause some marital discord on this side of the pond. My husband says “No more dogs.”

    I think this is an unreasonable demand. Until last May I had four. I lost one of them, don’t you think I should find another canine companion? I am so weak. Get thee behind me Satan.

    Happy Birthday Misty, and if you ever want to immigrate to the US, I will sponsor you.

  5. Sheila says:

    Happy Birthday Misty! So cute! I miss my kitties and would love to have a pet but our current life style would not be conducive. We have neighbours here who have 2 cats and a small dog with them but they are building a home and living in their RV is temporary. On the other hand we see many small RV’s with pets and often large pets. There is a trailer behind us with 2 English Sheep dogs!! So it is possible. I don’t like the idea of leaving them too long when going on outings however so it is not going to happen as long as we live this life style. Oh well, love looking at pictures of your little cutie.

  6. cloudia says:

    Happy Day sweet puppy!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  7. Mina says:

    I feel a story coming on – Miss T Marshall (Canine Author)

  8. Mina says:

    (by Miss T Marshall)

    I am informed by my beloved mum that I am a year older and that I am now 5 dog years old. Huh! That means I am 35 years old – human style. So next birthday I will be over 40 and miss out the big celebration that goes with that year.

    Do you think there is any chance of mum calculating out when my 40th will be? I doubt it but maybe if I hint strongly enough she might find an approximate date.

    Mum thinks I am older and wiser with better manners, dad does not agree. What does that tell you?

    It tells you that I am cute and can manipulate them. Actually it means that I am an adorable little dog who can always get her own way.

  9. freda says:

    Misty say:
    Thank you Auntie Mina for helping me to point out to Mum that I will miss out on my 40th birthday – that’s an awful lot of barks to say it. I can’t do many sums but I do know lots of words, like dusting (that means run and get my ball;) walkies (that means dance round in spirals;) luuuuverly dinner (that means stretch and slowly think about coming for food;) and I also know lots of tunes and will do a bouncy bark to join in. I had a lovely birthday and am a bit barky today but that is because I’m looking forward to seeing my friend ViVi.

  10. freda says:

    What a lot of comments and birthday wishes, no wonder she is a bit barky and excited today. I am covering her ears about the offer to move to the States Diane, she might get ideas.

  11. Chancy says:

    A belated Happy Birthday Misty.

    You remind me of our grown daughter’s 5 year old Havanese, Bella

  12. Suem says:

    Happy Birthday, Misty! She is so gorgeous:)

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