It really is the week for technology and trying out new things. There was a vague memory lurking in the deep recesses of my brain whispering that I had already signed up for Spotify. The situation now is that the site is “full up” for the free online streaming version, which allows you to try out almost all available recorded music. (I hesitate to tell you who I am listening to at the moment, but he wasn’t born yesterday.) Anyway, I had forgotten parts of my login, but once that was sorted out it was all systems go. Nearly…..I cannot pretend (clue to the music) to have sorted out the finer points of the site, but I am enjoying learning nevertheless.

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4 Responses to Spotify

  1. robin says:

    it can’t be — Des!!!

  2. Maggie Sorgen says:

    I am searching for a Freda Marshall who painted a picture entitled “Hidden Springs” while living in Iran around the time of the Shah of Iran’s ousting. I was gifted the painting by a former client named Wesley who received it while he was assigned in a civilian capacity to Iran just before the overthrow.

    Am I on the wrong track?
    May you be blessed in all things!

  3. freda says:

    Hi Maggie, sad to say it was not me. I would love to paint. All good wishes with your search.

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