I have been enjoying using spotify to listen to some new music.  First of all find a young person – probably one plugged into earphones and an ipod – and find out what music they like. Then, listen to some tracks from their favourite artists. It soon becomes clear that the same themes emerge as were on the go some fifty-odd years ago:

  • Will anyone ever love me?
  • I will always love you (especially if you come into my lair)
  • I am sorry I was bad to you
  • I will make everything special for you
  • I will mend your broken heart
  • I will make you whole
  • Will you love me?
  • Will you be good to me?
  • Will you make everything special for me?
  • Will you mend my broken heart?
  • Will you make me whole?

So there you are – what goes around comes around, and in the main people are still seeking out one another to make life better.  What music do you like?  And by the way, it is a very well worthwhile exercise to get tuned into the worlds of music going round in the grandies’ heads.

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  1. Tunes they may be, but today’s music, at least the stuff my grandkids like, befuddles me.

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