January Day Out

When having a Day Out in January the most important thing is to be flexible. Of course I could have said the most important thing is hot coffee, knowing where the loos are or a decent picnic.  We set off recently for a trip to see one of the oldest Yew trees in the UK, or so we thought. However, despite bright sunshine at home there was a dark bank of mist to the east.  Thus, a quick detour south-west was needed and we were back beside Loch Lomond and thankfully, in the sunshine again.

Having overdosed on news recently about uncomfortable truths or perhaps they were alternative facts, media was restricted to Elvis and the Philharmonic Orchestra – a clever digital re-mix with the real Elvis of long ago and the real Philharmonic of last year. The result . . . .  a happy mixture of vintage Elvis and full-throated sound. Imagine if you will, two golden oldies, no make that three, (Misty counts as an oldie herself now) driving round the January countryside with the sun slanting low over the car, and plenty of stops for sustenance en-route. It did us all good to be away from comment, conjecture and the near hysteria that has made up the news over the last few weeks.

It also made me remember my long-term project of the Memoirs. This has been sadly neglected over the last few weeks. Time to get back in the groove. Segway coming up here – what is it about vinyl, specifically what we used to call LPs or Long Players?  It is supposed to be something to do with the so-called authentic experience of sitting down and listening to a record. Slotting in a CD or clicking on a Playlist is reckoned to be somehow inferior. Well, I have to confess to being a Philistine. I just don’t get it. I can see the point of hoarding old LPs as collectables or even investments, but I am only too pleased to have lost the crackles and squeaks of the record player itself.

Stick to the point, Freda, I keep going down byways in my mind. Come to think of it the first draft of my Memoirs is like that. I suppose it is inevitable that one thing sparks off a memory of another and then off I go into a totally unrelated story.  Too many of the stories around the whole experience of leaving “home”  were dark and frankly depressing. Perhaps I need to consider adding in some mini-biographies to explain. But, darkness was the way things played out. I am forgiving myself coming to a stop over these last few weeks. I really did need to recover. As for how to proceed, well the secret is to picture a memory – one associated with a photograph is helpful and bring to mind the good. Like the photo of Loch Lomond above. Hopefully, with the mind in a happy place, there will be less whining and more cheer to pass on to my grandchildren and descendants down the years.

The rest of the January day out was filled with the memory of driving round the countryside in my father-in-law’s car and parking up overlooking a viewpoint listening to Top of the Pops. Elvis then and Elvis now. By the time we had our last coffee the evening was drawing in, well worth parking up and watching the sun set over Faslane. And there was not a submarine in sight. One thing worth mentioning is that it is nearly February, which is the month before my Birthday Month. And that means time for treats.

Blessings from Dalamory.

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7 Responses to January Day Out

  1. Mina says:

    From Misty Dog
    Hey- who says I am a goldie oldie (Misty counts as an oldie herself now) – not me. Don’t put that on to me – I am a rather vintage Diva and I will not be classed as an oldie. I am too fashionable and also I have to say that I am more in charge of my folks than they are of me . How can they class me as a Oldie – I am completely able to focus on my life and faculties. After all I am a little dog who knows life and all its up and downs – I listen and I hear what goes on in human’s lives and I like to think I understand them, well to some extent.

    OK, I k know my folks have thoughts on what is happening in the local area and world but what does that have to do with me. I could worry about other animals but my main concern has to be local. – not just me but others here and here abouts. Ok, that is my little rant, after all I am just a little (Diva) dog.

  2. Sheila says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a day. I can hardly believe January is nearly ove! Time is whizzing by, all the more reason to have these lovely kind of days. We need a break from the news.

  3. Tabor says:

    I envy those with good memories. I think I was such a self-centered person when I was younger that I missed most of my life! Friends and relatives will tell me things and I have no recall! Sad really. But I still do have memories of other things. Yes we all need a break from the tragedy that voters have brought about, but do not hide. We need you to help when your energy is restored.

  4. Hello Freda!
    Lovely pictures from a lovely day, especially that sunset!! Looking back like you now try to do must be very hard, but I think I envy you if you can keep on the track and create the feeling of walking alongside with you. The trick must be to find what you really want to say with the book. Like when you prepare a sermon, even if that may be a bit off the track….you have a certain line of thinking, you are searching for images and events along that line, people , comments, emotions and experience. Linear or not? Random ? Like me, but for much longer, you have given glimpses of your life in this blog, very very interesting glimpses!!! I use both my blogs to give word to my memory. How do you manage to keep the picture intact? I tend to mix things up.
    The very best of luck and many blessings to followin your important work!!! I’m in for a copy!!

  5. We can’t afford to be nostalgic in these times. To the barricades.

  6. Pat says:

    Thanks for posting the video…that’s one of my favorite Elvis songs.

    I agree with you about the LPs. I’ve hung on to many of my albums for sentimental reasons but much prefer listening to CDs or Spotify.

    Look forward to reading your memoirs one day.

  7. freda says:

    Memoirs have been a bit stickit, Pam, rather a lot of bits and pieces taking up my attention, however, I hope to get back to them soon.
    A blog post would be a good start. Thanks for your comment.

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