Finishing study

I am pleased to say that I have finished my MOOC on time, and what’s more I gained the necessary points in the Assessments for a good pass. The topic was Understanding Four Common Diseases, and I certainly learned a lot. My Zoology A-Level was nearly 60 years ago so it tested my brainpower. It is good to have learnt some of the differences between viruses and bacteria – in particular why doctors are always stressing the need to finish the course of any particular tablet.

The Bethlehem Birds arrived yesterday. After recovering from the shock of the additional amount of sales tax and transport costs, I placed them in the Nativity Scene. Perhaps I shall have a rest from inviting more villagers to join the group on the top of the piano. Remind me when Advent 2014 arrives.


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2 Responses to Finishing study

  1. Mina says:

    Well done on the MOOC – what will be the next one I wonder.

    Welcome to the birds.

  2. I read that the MOOCs here were flailing, or is that failing? I probably won’t remember anything by this time 2014.

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