A clear desk

A clear desk is something that usually pleases me greatly. The photo of today’s desk is not bad – except for all the things lurking in the trays. I estimate there is nearly a week of tidying up work to do. Still . . . . . . the only way to deal with it is one item at a time. That is something I learnt long ago.

What’s your desk space like?

B2014 Cleardesk

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2 Responses to A clear desk

  1. Mina says:

    Mine is beautifully cluttered, not with work but with items such as binoculars, camera and bits and bots needing attention sometime. Work is kept well away and out of sight! Best way after years of having to have a ‘working’ desk.

  2. LC says:

    I admire your determination to “get it done.” I have always had to fight clutter bug tendencies. Post-stroke, clutter has been compounded by the fact that I no longer have a working desk and space to stash things I use regularly but not daily. Furniture has been moved to make room for rehab related devices. Rehab continues and improvements are coming–slowly. And I am gradually finding ways–again, slowly–to impose some control over needed “stuff.” Controlling clutter is still a work in progress.

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