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Confession time – I really enjoy watching television. Perhaps I should qualify that and say that I enjoy watching certain things on tv – the box being what the box is nowadays I can usually find something to watch either live, on catchup or something previously recorded. As hobbies go, it is a relatively easy and harmless entertainment. Some people might think it is too passive, and I do agree that it can be a panacea after a busy day, simply to switch on and watch mindlessly. In actual fact I am more disciplined than that.

For a start, the tv set is not usually switched on until after 6pm – either after dinner, or on the odd really lazy day with something like chicken in a basket in front of the news. I love documentaries and even like the occasional reality programme – not all that many of the latter, there has to be a quirkiness or other kind of link to my own life. I also love films and detective stories and anything medical. Most television is acceptable in the sense that it makes a good background to crocheting prayer squares for a blanket to be used by charities wherever there is an urgent need. I’ve blogged about this before here and there is a picture here.

What was a lovely surprise last year was when someone sent me a beautifully crafted shawl with a letter enclosed explaining that this was designed and knitted for me with prayers specially for me. It sits on my “prayer seat” in the study and I am grateful for feeling included in this way. Especially if I am feeling a bit down.

Television viewing has been brought up to date nowadays at Dalamory with the advent of the ipad. I usually have it sitting beside me; it is amazing how many times I have cause to pick it up to do a search – sometimes to check dates of an event, or to see how old an actor is. There is the whole wealth of knowledge at my fingertips. I don’t even have to get off my chair. . . . . .. . . unless I’ve left the ipad in the other room of course.

What do you do when viewing tv?
Do you even like tv?

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4 Responses to Watching TV

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Frankly I love TV Freda. It is my constant companion and though I do not have a ‘dish’ or cable TV, I can always find something on the basic channels (even if it is sometimes my default jewellery programme).
    I’m hooked on “Emmerdale” and “Holby City” and I love detective series, particularly the Colin Dexter ones and Midsomer Murders.
    Politics and debates, quizzes, particularly “University Challenge” are meat and drink to me.
    Most things except celebrity this and that and American TV are grist to my mill.
    If this sounds very undiscriminating it really isn’t, the list of dislikes is even longer.
    Most days I am too busy even if I’m at home, but woe betide anyone who interrupts my even viewing without a very good reason.

  2. Ray Barnes says:

    Whoops “even” should have read evening.

  3. LC says:

    Sounds like you and Ray have better choices in TV programs. I think Hubby and I will eventually bow to the need to subscribe to a service where we can order all the episodes of particularly good TV series, documentaries, or movies.

    Right now it is mostly background for when Hubby is watching and I am on the computer.

  4. Mina says:

    TV and I have little in common – my favourite function is the ‘off’ button. I will admit to enjoying watching University Challenge and Mastermind but not a lot else. I’d rather have the old fashioned steam radio and/or a book (not Kindle). I belong to the dinosaur era I believe!

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