Wet day

Today has been a typical wet day, even for Dalamory.  Friends have been visiting so much of the day has been spent nattering and crafting.  I managed to get 13 squares crocheted – they are to be made into charity blankets. My visitor completed a jumper and a beanie hat and she is part way into a blanket. We chatted and sorted out the world and shared our joys and problems as we have been doing for nearly forty years.

The charity that the blankets go to sent me some wool to help out with the project. I enjoy seeing the squares grow, then there is the change of activity whilst I tidy and tag, then they are sewn together in a check pattern. Finally, I crochet a border around them. I have explained before how I pray for the places and people who will get some benefit from the items.  But today I found myself thinking of my Granny – she was the one who originally taught me to crochet. I look at my hands and see hers, especially as they fly along the stiches, chain, double-chain, treble, and double round the corners…….  All of life is connected – isn’t it amazing?

Retirement isn’t all about picnics and parties, though we have a fair share of those too.

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2 Responses to Wet day

  1. Tabor says:

    What a lovely project. It restores you while it will restore others!

  2. You and your friends are prolific crocheters. I putz along on a shawl I am making, one row a day if I am diligent. I once enjoyed crocheting with my Mom, but she’s been gone many years. I think a crocheting partner is what I need to encourage me. Dianne

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