2013 1119 SelfieLanguage is ever-changing and new words are coming into everyday use. I thought Onesie was the word of the year – basically a babygro (either with or without feet) for adults or children. I couldn’t be bothered with the whole palaver of going to the you know where.

Selfie is what the photo is of – basically a self-portrait photo. This one was taken on Photo Booth on my imac. Binge-watching was another new word I liked the sound of – we do that regularly when we watch boxed set re-runs of NCIS or Foyle’s War. I am told that twerk is a sexual dance; I wonder if our Friday night Dance Class’s rumba counts – or would it be a pole dance or something even more exotic?

Showrooming refers to the practice of going into a shop to look at some items, then going away and buying self-same things online. HBTW thinks shops may have to start charging an entry fee. I am so reliant upon online services and goods that I find it hard to comment. I suspect we have probably all been guilty of browsing in a shop then buying from home later.

Have you found any interesting new words recently?

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4 Responses to Language

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Sadly no Freda, only even more mangled beyond recognition ones that appear to be beyond the pronouncing skills of those in the media as well as those we meet daily.
    Oh dear, I feel a rant coming on.

  2. Mina says:

    I thought I was up to date with ‘googling’ as an in word! Have only just come across the word onesie and dismissed it as irrelevant as back in the 70′ and 80′ I wore what was then called a jump suit – in other words a nice comfortable all in one suit.

    Don’t think I’ll be looking in the dictionary for new words, got plenty of old ones which serve my purpose well.

  3. I’m still learning old words. I must use a lot of them because when I left work, one of my colleagues gave me a book on outmoded words and forgotten expressions. I find the murder of the ‘King’s English” disgusting. I suspect many of your blogger friends do too.

    BTW – nice photo. You don’t look like someone who would go in for pole dancing.
    We like Foyle’s War too.

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