Achieved today

Today has resolved around my computer /imac for a goodly part of the day. It is amazing what can be done online.

  • Paying a bill
  • Checking friends and families on facebook
  • Email
  • Catching up with blogs – enjoying seeing what friends around the world say
  • Doing some online study for a mooc  – a short course on four common diseases
  • Listening to Classic FM
  • Watching a live debate on the Equal Marriage Bill from the Scottish Parliament.
  • Ordering a DVD, a new lead for Misty and some Shake n’vac
  • Communicating with a friend via instant messaging

It is quite likely there were more things than the above. I am just pleased to be living in a time where such wonders of technology exist.


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4 Responses to Achieved today

  1. Tabor says:

    We forget the pros when we list the cons of spending too much time at the computer.

  2. Electronics are wonderful. What did our grandmothers do without them? Dianne

  3. Mina says:

    So far today a large part of it has been watching the construction of one of the very large pylons going up in our area – no e-skills there – just very skilled engineers climbing up and down the pylon as if they were just going up/down stairs. I have great admiration for the men who do this kind of work. I get dizzy just being 1 foot off the ground. As it is in a pause stage I have resorted to making this entry, but keep glancing out the window to see if the next stage is due.

    Computers have a very low place in today’s activities in general.

  4. freda says:

    I hope you are remembering to take lots of photos Mina. I can imagine there is something majestic about these over-sized electricity giants.

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