Birthday Treat

B2013 CrinanvistaNext Monday Misty will be eight years young. HBTW is busy that day, so we decided to have a Misty treat today – a day out in the campervan having a picnic lunch at the Crinan Canal. There was even a yacht going through for us to watch, most unusual at this time of year. The puddles were iced over but as you can see it was a perfect day to go for a long walk beside the canal.

Of course it was a treat for us humans as well. Everything went smoothly until we got home. Emptying everything needed for a day – food, books, cameras, binoculars, kindle,walking boots, multi-layers of clothes, medicines and so forth – proved easier said than done. It was a case of many trips back and forth for things that had been forgotten. As you can see, Misty was too tired to help.

B2013 Mistytired

It has been such a cold day that it reminded me of winter picnics of long ago. One of the most memorable was on a New Year’s Day. Sons#1 and #2 were four and six months. The baby sprogit was wrapped up in a snow-suit. We cooked sausages over a gas hob beside  a loch in the middle of nowhere, then went for a slow sail in a puffin sailing dinghy. A marvellous way to celebrate a New Year.

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4 Responses to Birthday Treat

  1. I got cold reading this. Misty has the right idea. Johnny’s birthday is in January….brrrr!

  2. Lyn says:

    It sounds like a sweet day. Happy Birthday, Misty.

  3. LC says:

    Happy Birthday Misty! And what wonderful new memories and resurrected past joys Misty’s special day provided.

    I am not sure I could live in a cold clime, though, after a lifetime in our warm coastal environment. Hats off to your stamina and determination to get up, get out and go!

  4. freda says:

    Living in a cold and wet climate requires special skills. Sometimes I feel like a member of Peter Rabbit’s family wrapped up in a special burrow. Most of the time it involves the capability to keep oneself amused, make the effort to go out occasionally and be grateful for modern technology.

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