One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days when you get into bed, heave a sigh of relief and be glad to lie still and quiet. Oops! Into my head popped the thought that I had not written a post in my blog. It was nearly midnight, should I drag myself out from under the covers and have a moan online? Or would I drift off…………

As you have probably guessed, I was in the land of nod before I knew it. As to my difficult day, I don’t want to go into details in cyberspace because it involves other people. Sufficient to say that it was cause enough for raised stress levels. One medical problem is on the way to being resolved and should be sorted in a week or two. The other one is ongoing. As to me – I am afraid I felt rather unwell and collapsed in front of the TV. Dance Class was not an option. Hopefully, another quiet day or two and things will be more back to normal.

Have a good weekend.

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4 Responses to One of those days

  1. Mina says:

    Take care – the blog postings are interesting so keep going, even if to say you had an early night. After all we all do that at times.

  2. I believe we all have days like this. Sometimes it helps to talk (write) about it. They say a burden shared is cut in half. Yes, I agree, reading your emails over morning coffee is like the old days of having coffee with a neighbor, only the interchange is across the sea, and your husband can’t run off with the neighbor.

  3. Tabor says:

    A good nights sleep is restorative and changes the focus. So sorry for your stressful challenges and sendng thoughts of peace your way.

  4. freda says:

    Thanks for the encouragement – I am finding it restorative to share the little things of life. Somewhere in amongst these everyday events there may be a gem of an idea that makes a difference.

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