Last Dance

I am just back from Dance Class – the last one until after the New Year. We won’t be there until January 10 when it is our Winter Dance. That means dancing a lot and playing dance games and enjoying ourselves.

Actually we enjoy ourselves every week. The need to remember the steps gives the grey matter a workout, and the exercise is as good as any cardio exercise. Who would have thought that the waltz could be so energetic – it’s all the ups and downs and taking longer steps than you would expect.

Our teachers are marvels – they can switch between the man’s steps and the women’s steps as easily as anything. When we are learning something new, the men learn their steps on their own …………. similarly the women learn their steps on their own. Then, when we come together it is supposed to make a beautiful melody, as it were. The reality is often lots of laughter and nearly falling over. And No, there isn’t a bar. We are very fortunate to have such a comfortable and warm Community Centre with a sprung floor. And there is a state of the art kitchen so we do get tea at half-time.

Tonight we concentrated on a set dance based on the foxtrot, see video here; we also did the Paso Doble and finally the waltz.

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  1. LC says:

    I love your accounts of dance lessons. You inspire me. May your Christmas be joyous.

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