The Aftermath

Friday evenings is Dance Class for HBTW and myself. It has resulted in some surprising outcomes:

  1. Stiffness and aching limbs through till Monday each week.
  2. Listening to music everywhere and counting the beat.
  3. Working out what kind of dance to each beat.
  4. Wearing pop-socks and tidy shoes for the first time in years.
  5. Buying 2 skirts……. the first in 6/7 years.
  6. Struggling to wear tights………. successfully.
  7. Trying to remember to stand tall from the bottom up.
  8. Enjoying the regular dose of fun.
  9. Meeting new people.
  10. Lots and lots of laughter.

An update on dances so far: waltz, rhumba, quick-step, barndance jive, modern jive, social quickstep. The last of these is to enable couples to learn to dance in tightly packed venues – not a problem in our community centre, though it has crossed my mind that it might be fun to find other dance places nearby. However, as it is taking me nearly half the week to recover, perhaps that is something to aim for in the future.

Taking up dancing again after a 25-year gap has been a big challenge. We’re not there yet, but watch this space for details of the end of term party.

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4 Responses to The Aftermath

  1. Hi Freda

    I’m surprised the aches and pains only last till Monday. Keep at it, it sounds as though it’s doing you good on every level.
    How about re-naming your blog Waltzing Matilda?

  2. Lyn says:

    I absolutely love danding! I took some dance lessons a couple years ago to refresh my skills, and it was fun, but since I don’t have a partner to practice with between lessons, it became frustrating to me. The instructor was excellent, but I finally gave up as I always felt I was behind everyone else. 🙁

  3. Marcia Mayo says:

    Sounds like so much fun!

  4. Goodness Freda, it is all I can do to tap dance around the garden and pull weeds. Yesterday, I broke out the mower and amazingly did not destroy the lawn. Dianne

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