Keep on Dancing

Last night was Dance Class and  it was also Valentine’s Day, so our Dance Teacher had  suggested we have a social night. Not a regular dance, just informal. What fun we had. Everyone brought snacks and something to drink, and several brought extras. These included red, heart-shaped balloons, home-baked scones and pancakes, heart-shaped chocolates and different sorts of nibbles.

We had all been asked to wear something red. One member appeared with a crazy red wig and long patterned red skirt. Everyone had a turn of wearing the wig.  When trying to paint a word picture I should get you to imagine a modern community hall, dimmed lighting, one long table for 15 people – all of them being over fifty. We are a sprightly lot though. At least the others are, I suspect I am one of the least sprightly. . . . . . . . . stiffness and fibromyalgia often go together. Where I do score is in the laughing stakes.

Another thing to point out is that at many a dance, hardly anyone gets up on the floor to get on with the dancing. At Dance Club socials, everyone is up as soon as the music starts –  all trying things out. New steps, old steps, with help, without help. . . . . . everyone having a great time. It is at times like these that I realise how fortunate we are to live in such a friendly village.

Many thanks to M&M!

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  1. Tabor says:

    OMG. so so jealous. You have what I wish I could find. I am not a great dancer, but would love to have a group that meets and practices and has fun.

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