Medical check up time

It’s the time of year for medical mot’s and ‘flu jabs. We are so lucky in Dalamory with our health care that it is a pleasure to review everything. Patients are wholly involved in their ongoing care and there is always time to be listened to, to be reassured and to be challenged should the need arise. One such challenge for me at the moment is to get to grips with my fitness. I manage a walk with the dog 3/4 times a week – she goes with HBTW the other days – and we enjoy Ballroom Dancing on a Friday. (Me and the Other Half, not me and the dog.) In between I creak and groan and bemoan the fact that I am fighting a losing battle with my weight.

The doctor has issued a challenge for me to do some weight-bearing exercise with baked beans. In the tins, of course, you’ve got to keep up. Fine for a start, but where did I put those lovely pink weights I was given 15 years or so? Perhaps I need to build a schedule and fill in fitness opportunities.

We dragged the Wii out for the first time this winter and had a go at the Body Fitness Tests. Oh the ignominy……the ignominy……… someone’s got it in for me. (As Frankie Howerd nearly said.)  HBTW is reckoned to be a happy 28 years younger than his actual age, whilst I am 5 years over my actual age. Granted, I didn’t understand one of the balance tests and to be honest my lack of spatial reasoning made it all rather difficult. Oh, I know, I know, too many excuses. Encouragement of some kind please………


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  1. LC says:

    Consider this encouragement. How about a little midweek dancing at home? Beware the discouragement of wet, cold weather. Walking was my principal exercise and I got easily derailed by a rainy winter and extra cold spring. Recently, to get the needed walking in as part of my stroke recovery, regardless of heat, rain or cold, I have been walking at a local “big box” store while hubby shops for groceries. Weather inside is always perfect.

    Brst wishes. Oh, one more thing, I love salty stuff. I was dismayed when the doctor put mr on 1500 mg sodium per day. I never realized how much salt was in everything we were eating. I wasn’t tryoing to lose weight, but with cutting out the once or twice a week fast food, switching to more fresh fruits and veggies ibstead of canned, and sometimes cutting portions I lost about 5 pounds.

    Next for me is getting sugar under control. I’ll be thinking about your bean lifts and sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. Tabor says:

    Just keep at it “One Day at a Time” and you will get there. You didn’t neglect your body for just a few weeks so it will take much longer to get it back. Don’t be impatient and don’t be discourage. If you get bored try something new.

  3. Liz Gibson says:

    Bear in mind that your attitude to life is good and in tests would probably suggest a younger person (these age things are always questionable – there’s such a variation in people of the same age, and many “younger” people are less fit too – and many older people have younger attitudes). Think I’m rambling here – hope you get what I’m trying to say!! Good luck with the schedule and the tins.

  4. Dianne says:

    After I finish this degree I will start exercising. How boring it is. I will have to check out the wii thingy. Dianne

  5. cloudia says:

    you’re BACK! YaY!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


  6. Hmm, I think she was wanting you to do weight bearing exercises with baked bean tins rather than simply with individual baked beans.

    Different thing altogether.

  7. Anita says:

    Yeah, we are getting one of those at Christmas. Sigh. What will it tell me?

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