Reality Check

I make no apologies for checking in with a photo of Misty. It always makes me smile to see her, clear-eyed, looking out from a blog post.  We can learn a lot from our companion pets, not least how to make the most of each day. That is something I have been finding more and more difficult.

In days gone by when I wanted to find that safe and happy place where the veil between earth and the ethereal is hardly tangible, I used to think of all sorts of areas of the countryside. Always, with a view and often somewhere that makes it easy to feel thankful for the simple joy of being alive. Nowadays it is somewhat different. An essential element of what the theologians and philosophers would call a thin place for me, has to be sunshine. In one sense it is simple. I put myself in the garden in late spring on a sunny, warm day. Note that the weather is an essential part of the special place. I feel the warmth of the sun, I hear the birds singing and building and being busy and my very bones feel warm and pliant. Sunshine is the key here, even though I have to be covered up like an Edwardian lady of old. In other words I am complaining about the lack of sun this past year. Looking at the date I can hardly believe we are well into Autumn.

A friend at our Dance Group has been taking photos of “special moments,” and I really do think he has captured one here. I love the photo though to be honest it is hard seeing myself again in the guise of a little-old-lady. HBTW is delighted to be as dapper as he thinks he is, but not so pleased at the growing lack of hair.

Thank you, R. You have given me the confidence to start writing again.


You will be aware that I have found this past year very hard. The Austerity Agenda of the Westminster UK Government is still biting hard, and it has taken me months to work through to a place where I realise that to pray for people affected exerts a cost on those who pray. To feel the whole gambit of emotions for those in the midst of changes to Benefits and the prospect of cuts in services is the way to get close to their pain, but it is not always possible to offer practical help. Where it is given, there is God. At least that is what I have been painfully learning.

I have learnt something else – again from a wise friend and perhaps a with a tip of the bobble-hat to Have I Got News For You. The only way to chase away the fear and anger and helplessness that rises in the throat as we watch the rich and powerful continue to perpetrate injustice is to take hold of the politicians – figuratively of course – and laugh them off their perches. It seems unbelievable, but this applies to the snide remarks, the lies, the false news and the worries over the terrible news we see paraded into our sitting rooms. (I hear you, M, I know we can switch off the TV or the radio. . . . )

Society has never been equal, but in the general scheme of things we can see the injustices. We can make the connections between corporate profit and child poverty. We can find out about land grabs and we are aware of politicians who are in it for their own ends, whether it be opportunistic bullying or kick-backs. Bit by bit we can make a difference. I want to go on and do an I have a dream speech . . . . . . it comes out of my background and it feels like it is part of my inner being. But this is not a sermon.

These are strange times. Give or take a few hundred years, if our planet has that long, and History may not judge us very well. All we can do is to strive the best we can to make a difference. And we can laugh at the leaders who piffle and faffle and plot and scheme.

How are you coping with being part of a pre-enlightenment?



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2 Responses to Reality Check

  1. Mina says:

    One good thing about modern technology is that off button which comes with everything, just wish we could have a similar function for the mad politicians.
    Good that you are in a better space – stay there as much as you can. Keep smiling and dancing.
    As for summer – all I can say is huhhhhh – it never materialised.

  2. freda says:

    I love the idea of a button to switch off dodgy politicians – makes me smile and more smiles are needed. Thanks, Mina

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