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Nostalgia year by year

Wimbledon evokes nostalgia year on year, and this year is no exception. The only thing that is different is that the pleasure and memories increase. I scan the faces of the crowd looking for celebrities and imagine my Dad sitting … Continue reading

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Tricky Treat Wednesday

Misty and me having a go at training.I’m not sure who comes off best.

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Gardening in difficult weather

There be dragons in the garden; in fact they have been rescued from the local garden centre and given the mission to stop the collared doves pulling up the newly planted pots. The pots are a wonderful way to inject … Continue reading

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That Little Wave – Again

I love this story…. There is this little wave happily bobbing along in the sea, and then he suddenly sees that the waves all crash onto the shore. Understandably he gets really upset. Then along comes another little wave who … Continue reading

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Charity Update

I first wrote about charity jumpers here. (You can link to the pattern via that page too.) I had given a whole load of odds and ends of knitting wool to a knitting friend, and she has been faithfully knitting … Continue reading

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Many leaps of faith

Have had a quiet week and am now recovered enough to potter in the garden and contemplate Dancing Class tomorrow. So all is well at Dalamory. I found myself trawling the bookshelves for something interesting to read and came across … Continue reading

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Quiet Day

It has been of necessity a Quiet Day – thanks to some slightly suspect chicken. Not too desperate, but enough to let HBTW have time to enjoy the motor racing and other sport on the TV. I kept falling asleep … Continue reading

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First things first

Old Geezer poses the question about what would make someone be tempted to go back into the house for, if the house was burning down. I’m not sure that I would be brave enough (stupid enough?) to go back into … Continue reading

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Sun at Midnight

Until the last few chapters this book was going to be given a nine out of ten. Not that I mean that caveat to put you off reading what is a fascinating account of life at an Antarctic field station. … Continue reading

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Picnics are one of my greatest pleasures; I remember sandy sandwiches as a toddler and what I thought was sheer sophistication – salmon out of a tin eaten with plastic forks and washed down with orange juice. The fact that … Continue reading

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