First things first

Old Geezer poses the question about what would make someone be tempted to go back into the house for, if the house was burning down. I’m not sure that I would be brave enough (stupid enough?) to go back into a burning building, unless it was to save a person or the dog. However, I can think of things that would be useful: mobile phone, (it includes contacts lists,) keys to campervan (would give temporary shelter) ……. as for photos and personal items, there are too many to choose amongst.

I once visited someone in a house which had been rebuilt following a catastrophic fire. All that had been left was a lump of molten silver – a tea service originally. The person lamented the loss of photos of previous generations more than anything else, and I guess that would be similar for most people.

For now, I’ll just check the smoke alarm battery.
Have you anything special that would tempt you to such folly?

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7 Responses to First things first

  1. Lyn says:

    With warning, I’d grab the family photos. Without, I guess it would be just the dogs, the birds, and if time, my laptop and the cell phone. I’ve thought about that lately, with all the wildfires in this part of the country. It’s not a fun thought, is it?

  2. I answered this question on Old Geezer’s blog a few weeks ago and on reflection my answer would still be the same. If there is no living creature to try to save, nothing else has real value.
    If you have to rebuild your life from scratch, no one thing is going to make that much difference. In the end only what has independant life is truly important.
    Things, are just things, none is worth risking your life for.
    Sorry about the awful grammar.

  3. Mina says:

    Having just followed the catastrophic fire in our High Street I was greatly saddened to read that the flat completely destroyed belonged to a retired couple. The husband is quoted as only having time to grab a top and his wife! They have lost everything, the whole property was gutted and now demolished. How sad it is to lose everything – that is except for a bookcase built into a 2ft thick wall. As you walk past you can see the bookcase and books are intact. As it is 30 or so feet up with no means to get to it these too are lost to them. This has made me think – your life and memories are so important.

  4. Marcia Mayo says:

    definitely my computer. It pretty much has my life in it. I have put many important things from my computer on the internet in some way (family pictures on my blog, etc.) but I’d still miss so much if my computer went away.

  5. My pets are the only thing I would try to save. Nothing else matters more than my life. I had to think this one through and I would save my little boy dog who sleeps next to me at night if the worst happened. The birds would be gone from smoke inhalation and I cannot save all three dogs. David would save Clare who sleeps with him. Hopefully, he would not try to save me because he could not. Peaches is almost 17 and I could not save her because she sleeps downstairs.

  6. freda says:

    We all seem to be similar about people and pets first then photos and laptops. I hadn’t thought about what the loss of books would mean. I’m surrounded by them and Other Half has now started collecting on his Kindle, so I suppose he would grab it.

    The main thing is to stay safe and follow sensible guidelines about the right precautions to take.

  7. LC says:

    Only hubby unless someone else occupying house with us. I’m thinking, though, that I would be alerting hubby and others before I ever went out, so I guess except for people, nothing.

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