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Still Me Still You

 I sat and watched this film last night with Misty as companion – paw to paw as it were. It was every bit as emotive as expected, for in case you haven’t heard of it, the subject is early onset … Continue reading

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That Little Wave – Again

I love this story…. There is this little wave happily bobbing along in the sea, and then he suddenly sees that the waves all crash onto the shore. Understandably he gets really upset. Then along comes another little wave who … Continue reading

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The Wilderness

The Wilderness is a very worthy book. Sorry if that sounds petulant, but it is one of those novels which attracts overly-effusive descriptions by the quality papers. I heard it being discussed on a TV programme during World Book Week, … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Progress

If you were to do a poll of a roomful of retirees, one of their main concerns would be about the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease being a factor in their own ageing. It is therefore good to hear of the … Continue reading

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