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Still Me Still You

 I sat and watched this film last night with Misty as companion – paw to paw as it were. It was every bit as emotive as expected, for in case you haven’t heard of it, the subject is early onset … Continue reading

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Dementia care

Thanks to Allen Power for this link to a BBC news story about a Care Home in Wiltshire. There is a video as well as the news story itself, and if you have a few minutes it is well worth … Continue reading

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My Bonnie

I have spent the last couple of days engrossed in the story of Bonnie and John Suchet. In his memoir, My Bonnie, John writes movingly of his wife’s decline with dementia/Alzheimer’s. (It is in the nature of the disease that … Continue reading

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Dementia Awareness Week

In these pages I often make mention of my Scots Granny. She played a huge part in my childhood, simply because she was such an accepting presence. I was the oldest of her grandchildren (8 ultimately) and even now I … Continue reading

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