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Healing in unexpected places

Yesterday I found myself trawling blogs and youtube, in fact anywhere, trying to find something to cheer myself up. You could say it has been a difficult few days and I suspect lots of people are feeling a bit iffy … Continue reading

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My Bonnie

I have spent the last couple of days engrossed in the story of Bonnie and John Suchet. In his memoir, My Bonnie, John writes movingly of his wife’s decline with dementia/Alzheimer’s. (It is in the nature of the disease that … Continue reading

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A wet day at Dalamory

What do you do with a wet day at Dalamory? (60mm of rain in 24 hrs) 1)finish a library book; 2) feel depressed; 3)bath the dog:(that takes care of the depression – who can be depressed when bathing a very … Continue reading

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