Healing in unexpected places

Yesterday I found myself trawling blogs and youtube, in fact anywhere, trying to find something to cheer myself up. You could say it has been a difficult few days and I suspect lots of people are feeling a bit iffy this Christmas. There has been so much gloom and doom, what with budget cuts, bad weather and here in the UK student demonstrations straining into violence. Well, thanks to Writerquake I found this video. I don’t usually do two videos in a row, but for this one I had to make an exception.

If you are a bit down I hope it makes you feel better too. (That’s if you’ve got time to listen to it.)

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7 Responses to Healing in unexpected places

  1. Lydia says:

    You are dear, Freda, to mention my blog but all the thanks go to Leonard Cohen, whom my husband and I saw in concert last Wednesday evening. He sang this song and it was so comforting to me because I also have been having a hard time this season…that very iffy feeling you mentioned (now I have a good word to describe it!). Do you know what I keep remembering nearly constantly since the concert? It is the grace and humility that Leonard Cohen, his band, and his singers all exhibited on stage. He began more songs than not on his knees. As the music began he often dropped to his knees and sang lines or most of some songs in that posture. Once, when he was getting much lengthy applause, he tucked his hat against his chest, dropped to his knees and bowed completely to the floor. He thanked us for our kindness. He bowed often to his musicians and singers, and they in return to him. The whole night was filled with gratitude and politeness. It was evident during the intermission as the crowd moved out for the break, and as we all exited after the concert from the building and then again from the packed parking complex. Oh, if only more of our hours could be like those four hours…..

    I am thankful for you and your blog, and I will be thinking of you during these holidays.

  2. Wonderful…I like the way he puts his hat on to sing. I might try that. How old is he? Whatever age, it doesn’t really matter anyway!

  3. Suem says:

    I think we all feel down at times, in varying degrees and for different reasons. I have decided that it is a very common experience, but maybe a lot of us hide it. I don’t know why it is, maybe, as he says, there is a crack in everything but that is how the light gets in.

    Hope you continue to feel better.

  4. I still do not have audio, but now that the semester has ended, I will get my computer tuned up so I can come back and hear your audio-video.

    We are reading about the troubles in Britain here in the States, and my heart goes out to you. Times are tough for everyone, and everyone must do their part to make things better. Now is the time for grace and humility.

    Hang in there. Spring is not far away when the days fly by, and we can all rejoice when it comes.

  5. freda says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this strangely difficult time in the life of the world. I keep thinking that we need Christmas peace and joy more than ever this year; I hope it comes to all of you (me included!) Just sometimes I wish it would hurry up.

  6. friko says:

    It’s not so bad, Freda, don’t be sad. There is still a lot to be grateful for, a lot to enjoy.
    Just like good old Leonard says.

  7. freda says:

    Thank you friko. You’re right – there is a lot to be grateful for.

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