Strictly dance and quickly polish

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 – won by Abby Clancey.  Now I still don’t know exactly who she is or what she does and yes she is a good dancer. But Natalie was better in my opinion. Still, the Final Show depends only on the public vote and as I didn’t vote anyway I can’t really complain. Congratulations to the winners and to all the finalists.

It’s been a busy day one way and another, and I find myself wondering how I am going to cope with doing a quick tidy up tomorrow. All vacuuming and dusting is going to be of the “lick and a promise” variety. I well remember my mother doing a quick rush round with a duster on the odd occasion when she had special visitors coming. She really did spit on a duster and rub off marks on the furniture. Yeuch! What about hygiene? Even worse was when she made me lick a hankie (clean thankfully) – then she would proceed to wipe round my mouth to get rid of the evidence of a snack, usually bread and jam. All that happened was that I felt sticky everywhere.

My father used to clean the shoes at night – the routine established whilst he was in the army. He used to spit on his black shoes and then buff to an amazing shine. Dear oh dear, such strange memories from childhood. Maybe they say much about my aversion to dirt and muddle.

For the sake of propriety let me be clear – by the term “a lick and a promise” all I mean is that it will be a quick dust rather than a polish, and vacuuming the bits that can be seen.  Sssssh! Don’t tell anyone.

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