Change of pace

Oh how lazy I have been over the last few weeks. I seem to have been having a holiday from blogging…….. I could make all sorts of excuses about how it is harder to sit upright with my rapidly healing ankle …………  but I won’t. The truth is that I have been enjoying sitting with my leg up whilst enjoying reading, crochet, films and so forth.  I am now quite comfortable getting around indoors, but need a stick outside.  Also, it is amazing how one’s confidence is knocked. In direct proportion, it seems, to the fear of being knocked into by someone rushing by. Hopefully, I shall be able to start getting out and about now that spring has finally sprung. HBTW has put a garden lounger out for me today, so I intend to …….. lounge.

Here is a quick round-up of media absorbed and enjoyed:

  • All in the Mind – Alastair Campbell. An extraordinary book of great insight and depth. It concerns a psychiatrist and several of his main patients. I can’t go into too much detail or I could give away something of vital importance. It’s not an easy read – some of the individual stories are too harrowing, but worth sticking with and certainly one to read again. I give it 9 out of 10 
  • Fly Away Home – Jennifer Weiner. A new author for me, suggested by our Library Van librarian/driver. Upmarket chick-lit. I shall certainly read more by this author, simply for enjoyment. 8 out of 10 
  • Quartet – a film on dvd. Stars many well-known faces including Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins and Billy Connolly. The action is centred round a retirement home for musicians and specifically their annual fund-raising gala. Maggie Smith is magnificent as a reluctant new resident and the poignancy of the subject is overlaid with a gentle whimsy and humour. 8 out of 10
  • Knight and Day – another dvd, this time starring Tom Cruse and Cameron Diaz. James Bond eat your heart out. An absolute action filled, ridiculous spy romp. Great fun. This is not my usual kind of film, so maybe my mind is just being numbed with craftwork. For sheer enjoyment, I give it a 9.

Anyone read/watched/listened to anything interesting lately?

I’m off now with my walking stick, to struggle outside into the sunshine.

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5 Responses to Change of pace

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    I’m glad you are making good progress Freda. Rest is sensible and after all, reading is exercise for the mind (and the eyes), so you are using some of your muscles.
    Am just half way through a very well written work of fiction on Catherine Parr.
    It is by Suzannah Dunn and is called “The Sixth Wife”.
    A very different approach to a much neglected historical character, it is told through the eyes of a third person and I am finding it hard to put down.

  2. Tabor says:

    Having gone through your type of rest for an ankle to heal I enjoyed it, but had it been the time of good weather, I would not have been so mellow. I was stable enough to not worry too much about falling, although going up and down stairs with a boot is scary.

  3. Dianne says:

    I mostly read history and lately have been reading about ‘Nights Out’ about London by Judith Walkowitz. The last film I saw was Lincoln a few months ago starring DD Lewis. A good film from my perspective as I had read the book Spielburg used as the basis of his story…the last few months of Lincoln’s life.

    I want to see the Maggie Smith film you mention. Rave reviews over here. Its playing at a local theatre but I don’t visit theaters anymore…too expensive and it gives me motion sickness to watch the big screen. Guess I will rent it. Perhaps this will give me an excuse to visit our state of the art library here in town. I love your library bus. We had one years ago in the small Southern town where I grew up. Dianne

  4. Tim says:

    We overlap on Quartet then… 🙂

  5. ernestine says:

    so pleased you are healing…

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