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Do you have a lot of reading material on the go at the same time?  Lots of avid reader friends tend towards the eclectic, and that means they can read several books each of a different genre. So here is what I have lying around ready to pick up and read whenever the fancy takes me.

  • Blue Lightening by Ann Cleeves. Shetland Series
  • The Fast Diet – Dr Michael Mosley
  • What are old people for? WH Thomas
  • Sacred Space 2014 – Jesuits
  • Coming into the end zone: A memoir – Doris Grumbach
  • La Belle Saison – Patricia Atkinson

What’s on your bedside cabinet or coffee table?

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3 Responses to On the go

  1. Dianne says:

    You truly are an eclectic reader. I tend to read history, continuing to read books associated with my recently completed Master’s degree in this subject. However I read several of the Cleeves books over Christmas and have two more in the pipeline including the one you name above. Am planning to read one history per month on WWI this spring and Macmillan’s book on Versailles in July. Love theological books but have read none lately.

  2. Revruth says:

    I’m not good at reading more than one at a time which is why I have a weakness for magazines. I’m trying to cut down on them – and do pass them on. However I’m reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult which is our Book Group one and it’s wonderful. I know you like her too so if you haven’t read it already and can cope with a concentration camp story, reserve it at your library now!

  3. Tabor says:

    I usually read a fiction and non-fiction at one time. But intersperse with blog and magazine reading.

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