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Web ViviValentine or ViVi for short, is here to stay for a few days. He is behaving impeccably and acknowledges that Misty is Top Dog………  though only just.  He is a Llewellin Setter, a strain named after a breeder who bred a dog with particular markings and characteristics from out of the English Setter.  They have wonderful temperaments, being good with children and very affectionate. It is so funny to see the difference in size between him and our little cairn terrier.
Other news is that my ankle continues to heal well with only the odd twinges. Going back to Dance Class is looking more of a possibility. The main problem is being unbalanced and doing further damage by forgetting to take things steadily. How can one do a samba steadily anyway?
I never get tired of the view from the font garden – and Misty shows Valentine how to be a laid-back dog.
2013 Mistyonlounger
2013 Viewfromfrontlounger
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3 Responses to House Guest

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Glad to hear the ankle is progressing well, if a bit slowly, but better that than a limp.
    Your doggy visitor is a handsome fellow, though Misty must look like his lunch.
    Your view is fabulous, no wonder sitting and staring is such a joy.
    Every blessing Freda and don’t try to dance before you can walk!

  2. freda says:

    Thanks, Ray, I shall do my best to be good!

  3. Dianne says:

    I never get tired of photos of Misty. They are terribly pricey dogs over here or I would rush out and get one. As for the other dog, I am a small dog person myself living in the city, but large dogs can be nice if they have plenty of space. Have a good day and good luck with the ankle and dancing. Dianne

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