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Hogmanay Post makes eight

Being the last day of the Auld Year I am compelled to put fingers to keyboard, thereby making the number of posts for the year eight.  This doesn’t seem as bad as I had thought it might be, for I … Continue reading

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Three Mothers

You had no thought of me, for this is well before I was born. You look so happy sitting being cuddled by your smiling mother with your big sister on the other side of her. It looks like you are … Continue reading

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The techie world

In between various other things that have been happening, I have been watching live video from the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Believe it or not, I cannot exactly remember how many of these gatherings I have attended in … Continue reading

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Low Sunday

Our Locum Minister looked round church and said how pleasantly surprised he was to see so many people there on what is traditionally referred to as Low Sunday. The Sunday after Easter Day is thus called, he said, because of … Continue reading

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All Souls

All Souls day, as my Episcopalian friends tell me, is celebrated today.  The souls of those who have died are remembered. Being a lifelong Presbyterian I used to be wary of praying for the deceased – it seemed somehow to … Continue reading

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I have been enjoying using spotify to listen to some new music.  First of all find a young person – probably one plugged into earphones and an ipod – and find out what music they like. Then, listen to some … Continue reading

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Forever Friends – Memories

Herein lies a story…….. how long have you got? These last couple of weeks have been a bit fraught – all to do with Son #3 and yet another removal.  So sitting quietly on a Sunday afternoon it was lovely … Continue reading

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The Season known as Christmas

So – is this the Christmas season or is it not?  Technically, as far as churches are concerned this is Advent (lit the coming) and purists will tell us that this is when they concentrate on the second coming of … Continue reading

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You know how sometimes you have “those” moments when somehow things go wrong, and instead of cursing gently, you stop, think and reconsider. Well that has happened to me this afternoon. I found the appropriate photograph, tweaked the exposure and … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love

Good in parts but fails to hit its full potential…. You could view the story as one woman’s search for self-enlightenment, or as a self-centred gap year in middle age. Having said that, Julia Roberts holds this 3 stories within … Continue reading

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