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Eat Pray Love

Good in parts but fails to hit its full potential…. You could view the story as one woman’s search for self-enlightenment, or as a self-centred gap year in middle age. Having said that, Julia Roberts holds this 3 stories within … Continue reading

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Riots in England

It has been frightening watching events unfold over the last few days, even though there have been no riots/violence in Scotland. Here we are too busy worrying about floods and in Edinburgh, for instance, the Edinburgh Festival goes ahead as … Continue reading

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  If you”re in need of some cheering up or even a good old dose of inspiration to keep going, then this is your film. I didn’t know the story of this horse so it was all a surprise to … Continue reading

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To make an act of worship, we bring ourselves:     perhaps a little tired;    perhaps a little preoccupied; expecting much, expecting little. And we bring our thoughts:    some thankful and happy;    some worried and anxious;    some … Continue reading

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So – today is 25 January – what do I write about? The Conversion of St Paul or Robert Burns? I have to confess to feeling somewhat iffy about Burns; I place the blame firmly on being brought up in … Continue reading

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The New Year

At this time of year some bloggers post about New Year Resolutions, others concentrate on their most popular posts and some have even given predictions for 2011. It seems there is a common urge to make a significant impact at … Continue reading

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Hope your Christmas Day was as enjoyable as mine. All the usual ingredients: church, presents, a gorgeous meal and time with loved ones. In the evening it was a case of flop before the telly. We had been saving up … Continue reading

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My Bonnie

I have spent the last couple of days engrossed in the story of Bonnie and John Suchet. In his memoir, My Bonnie, John writes movingly of his wife’s decline with dementia/Alzheimer’s. (It is in the nature of the disease that … Continue reading

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A Church in Crisis? or a Stitch up?

Last night’s TV documentary was billed in the paper thus: Reporter Reevel Anderson evaluates the benefits of the Church of Scotland and considers whether diminishing congregations are indications of the Kirk’s waning contemporary relevance. Yet, early in the day I … Continue reading

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A real fairytale

Do you like fairytales? I almost hesitate to ask the question, because The Secret of Moonacre is akin to the Narnia Tales in that it has undertones of sacrifice and resurrection. At one level, it is a rollicking tale of … Continue reading

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