Busy … busy … busy

Many a retired person has said, Where does all the time go? And many a working person has felt a slight twinge of envy at those who seem to have all the time in the world.  My reason for not posting is honestly being busy. And we were helping someone celebrate a very important birthday.

Since last speaking with you, here are some of the things that I have done.

  • Gone walking in a rainstorm
  • Admired the dripping leaves
  • Been enveloped in the sweet fragrance of azaleas in bloom
  • Sensed the presence of God in the rain
  • Visited the library van
  • Visited a castle
  • Eaten too much yummy cake
  • Walked the dog in bluebell woods.
  • Hit the shops in Inveraray
  • Bought a new top
  • Gone out for a special birthday meal
  • Eaten too much
  • Gone to a garden centre
  • Eaten too much lunch
  • Walked too far in Oban
  • Bought a pair of trousers (they don’t fit….)
  • Because I’ve been eating too much
  • Answered some emails
  • Been for a check-up at the doctor’s (am doing very well thank you.)
  • Fallen asleep for an afternoon zizz…..
  • Because I’ve been eating too much

Have had a lovely few days and am now at the stage of collapsing in a heap with a new library book. Dreams of bluebells, azaleas and dripping foliage play over in my mind.

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4 Responses to Busy … busy … busy

  1. Marcia Mayo says:

    Love this post. I’d write more but I’m busy thinking about what to eat next.

  2. One of the times I was in England, I came in May and walked in a bluebell woods. They are beautiful. Love your list of things done. Much fun I am sure. Glad to see you checking in here. Dianne

  3. Lovely to see you in print again Freda.
    I am amazed, considering how much you appear to have eaten that you had the energy to do even half the things you have.
    Sounds pretty well balanced to me.
    As I am still dieting (2 years now) and still have a little way to go I’ll let you eat a muffin or two for me.

  4. LC says:

    Add to your list “supplied much needed merriment to a reader who gained 4 pounds on hospital food recently.”

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