Busy day in Dalamory

It has been another busy day in Dalamory. The central heating engineers have been here working on the installation of a new oil-fired system. This is due to take a week during which we have no central heating and every room is upside down. Add to that the constant noise and dirt and it is no wonder the three of us are tired. (HBTW, Myself and Misty!) It reminds me of times long ago when we were having a partial rebuild on a house which was an old Smithy. Constant cold and dirt. At least this time we are managing to heat certain rooms with gas heaters; that includes a bathroom, so we can be clean at the start of the day.  The long Janes have been dug out and I am convincing myself that it will soon be over.

When we lived at the Smithy we had only the two oldest children who were under 1 and 3. On one occasion we had to get the doctor out – he had to climb upstairs to the children’s room on a ladder. No safety harness in those days. I doubt it would be allowed now. After that renovation I said never again, but life isn’t like that, there are always jobs needing done. And when this current job is finished one side effect is that we are going to have a new fridge/freezer with separate icemaker. It’s all to do with pipes being run under the floor and an electric controller being moved.

I’m not sure how all of this fits into the Birthday Month celebrations. I’ll let you know.


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2 Responses to Busy day in Dalamory

  1. Tabor says:

    Keep up your spirits because at least you are moving in a direction…aren’t you? And you get new stuff, that will be really fun.

  2. LC says:

    Best wishes with the improvements, a silver lining to a little cloud on the birthday month?

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