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Son #2 started the train of thought that leads to things I want to do before I die. He asked me to think about creative presents that I might like for this special birthday that is fast approaching. Eventually I came up with one . . . . . .  tickets to a concert – James Blunt is coming to Scotland next month – but sadly the tickets are all sold out. A good idea foiled at the post.

Son #1 was getting involved by this stage – all to do with dog-sitting – and he referred to the “Bucket List” on my blog. It had totally slipped my mind, though there it is under the menu and is called “Things still to do.”  The trouble is that most of these require a great deal of motivation from myself. And surprisingly, quite a number have been achieved. I laughed when I read “give a home to a puppy cairn,” as said puppy is now eight years old.

This is getting me nowhere; I suspect the answer is to let things continue to simmer in the hope that an idea will pop into my head. And no, I don’t fancy a trip in a hot air balloon. The main thing is to keep enjoying this Birthday Month.

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2 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Tabor says:

    Something may take hold and give you a good idea. Patience is hard when we know that time is limited.

  2. Dianne says:

    I can’t come up with a bucket list. Everything I haven’t done and want to do, either costs too much or involves doing it alone. During this year I am trying to get out at least once a month, and not only to the doctor and dentist. I want another puppy, and have feelers out. I am losing weight because I want to dress stylishly again. I want to get the interior of the house painted. How’s that for a start?

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