Showering Blues

Son #3 is here for Christmas. Because of reasons which will be disclosed and duly ranted about, he doesn’t have a shower at home at the moment. So we have decreed that he needs 3 showers before he is spick and span enough for visiting Big Brother (ie Son #1) on Boxing Day.

Thereby hangs a tale, I hear you say.
A tale of trials and tribulations indeed.

A year and a half ago an inept company went into liquidation and effectively made Son #3 homeless. Two moves later and with his life still packed in boxes, he is still no nearer to a permanent place. Bathing has become something that needs assistance and involves an electric chair, (not the lethal kind, at least so we hope,) and though he is top of the housing list, very few suitable properties are available.

In the meantime, Son #3 is enjoying the luxury of unlimited showers in a warm house. By the way, he did give his permission for this tale of woe. It helps relieves his sense of helplessness; I just hope he can get settled in 2014.

PS – We are having a great Christmas anyway.
Hope yours is good too.

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2 Responses to Showering Blues

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your son no 3’s problems. Some people will do anything to avoid having a shower!
    I do hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that the new year will bring him better news and a good new home.

  2. LC says:

    I am sure son #3 is counting a clean Christmas among his blessings. I know about shower challenges. I suspect that phrase “Cleanliness is next to godliness” refers not to righteousness of physical cleanliness but the fact that the joy of a good shower or bath induces gratitude to God for something that physical disability or other circumstances has limited. I know I am thankful that showering is once again within my ability to achieve almost totally independently. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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