Home again

B2014 CamperfindhornAs you may have guessed we have been away doing a tour again – visiting Son #2 and having a trip round the Moray Coast. It is not called the Sunshine Coast for nothing.  Had a brilliant time apart from a leaky radiator which brought us home a bit early, however it is being repaired on Thursday.

Highlights (there were no lowlights. . . . . .)

  • Sitting in a hot tub with a glass of champagne – plastic glass of course.
  • Catching up with friends and family – face to face is so much better than over the phone or even skype.
  • Playing with great grandson – Sorry, I was too busy enjoying, I forgot to get the camera out.
  • A walk on windy Findhorn beach – crashing waves.
  • A little dog, tired out with walks, resting heavily on my knee.
  • Gin rummy.
  • Supermarket search for different foods.
  • Coming home.


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3 Responses to Home again

  1. Tabor says:

    PERFECTION! Congratulations on time well spent.

  2. Dianne says:

    Coming home is the best bit for me.

  3. LC says:

    Happy Trails, Freda! We head home tomorrow after 16 days away for a wedding, visiting with Son #1 and traveling in the Appalachian Mountains (Blue Ridge Parkway and Smoky Mountains). Home will be a highlight for me, too.

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