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 Don’t have a heart attack wondering if I am suddenly going out of character and running off to sea. This particular vessel is part of a cruising line – Regent Seven Seas Navigator. I’ve just had a very interesting ship to shore radio telephone link-up from the bridge. This is one of the perks of the passage for our cruising friends. I had to quickly learn to allow for the time delay and remember to say over at the end of a snippet of conversation. It was also important not to cut in too quickly. Apart from that it was amazingly clear, clearer even than most of our ordinary telephone calls, and the ship is currently off Puerto Rico. From there, they go through the Panama Canal and up to Vancouver (I think.)  All a wonderful experience and a very special holiday.

Dennis and Pam are regular cruisers and apart from India, they have covered most of the globe.  We share in the trips vicariously, and have fun hearing about the people aboard and the places they visit.  The last time they were here we took them out for an afternoon picnic at Loch Tulla, near Glencoe.  Rather different from where they are now. (See photo below.) The whole idea of speaking on the phone over such vast distances whilst the ship is still at sea, befuddles the brain. All of a sudden, you turn into a blithering idiot and don’t know what to say. However, I got the gist of it quite quickly; the important thing is that they are having a happy time and have made friends with other travellers. This seems to be a feature on cruises. The ship has 490 passengers and 345 crew, so the service must be very good. HBTW is looking out for it via a tracking programme, then we will be able to see exactly where they are. Modern technology – cool.

Happy Holiday Dennis and Pam



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6 Responses to Add a touch of sparkle

  1. LC says:

    Cruises are great, whether firsthand or through others’ enjoyment. We will be “cruising vicariously,” too, when my brother-in-law and sister-in-law do a Caribbean cruise next week.

  2. Dianne says:

    Which just goes to show even we who are “left behind” can have fun. The cruise sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing it Freda

  3. Dennis Blakemore says:

    Cannot believe our cruise coold give rise to such literarry outporing.thrilling to be sitting here looking out on the Pacific and being reminded of our time together.My immediate reaction was-another cruise offer which we would have to fefuse having already arranged to cruise the Middle East in December.Going to ask for some advertising revenue if any bookings result.Lovely ship with discerning passengers.By the way call made from our”suite”not bridge-we wouldnt want the crew listening in

    Thans for the posting


  4. freda says:

    Even more interesting, Dennis, to think that you can radio/phone from your suite. HBTW is busy looking at webcams to see if he can catch your ship entering the canal.

  5. friko says:

    I’d love to go cruising, perhaps not on a big ship but on European river cruises. But Beloved absolutely refuses, he is not a cruise person, her says. And on my own it wouldn’t be much fun and also far too expensive.

    Like you, I’ll have to get my pleasures vicariously.

  6. Suem says:

    Now I want to go on holiday – any holiday:)

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