Special moments

No photo-shoot of the afore-mentioned digger as the weather turned to torrential rain. HBTW and Son #2 kept at it for most of the day; despite the mud they achieved a commendable clearing-up operation, though it meant having 2 skips nearby for taking rubbish.

We have had a few days of whizzing round Scotland, encountering some special moments along the way:

  • A walk in a Scots Pine forest.
  • Wandering along a sandy beach
  • Cappuccino and a scone at a harbour cafe
  • Autumn colours in trees and bracken
  • Fungi
  • Being in a hot tub under the stars – tracking satellites and spotting constellations
  • Having a spin in a performance car

These are the things that make life enjoyable and special. Of course, now we are back to the reality of jobs to do around the house and mail to catch up with. And in no time at all it will be the end of the month, clocks changing and winter setting in. Hmmm . . . perhaps I should just content myself with a wander round the garden admiring the roses that seem to have bloomed on and on this year. Or of course there are the photos to download to the computer. And then there is the mooc to get back to.

Or even another cup of coffee and a sit, contemplating the joys of being retired and fit enough to enjoy the ordinary things that make life so special. A kind of prayer in its own way.

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3 Responses to Special moments

  1. Tim says:

    That’s some whizzing around.

    Did the pine forest thing a couple of weeks ago too. Aahhhhhh… 🙂

  2. Tabor says:

    Yes, as we age each moment is a fragile crystal which we carefully admire.

  3. Sheila says:

    The hot tub, in the forest….I am there!

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