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Fifty Words

Too good not to quote here: via St Andrews Blantyre God made, Adam bit, Noah arked, Abraham split, Joseph ruled, Jacob fooled, bush talked, Moses balked, Pharaoh plagued, people walked, sea divided, tablets guided, promise landed, Saul freaked, David peeked, … Continue reading

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There was something understated about our Harvest Festival Service today, and it was all the better for it. Being a small church ours had a small display of gifts, produce and flowers. The non-perishable gifts were to go to a … Continue reading

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Thought for Thursday

Your beliefs become your thoughts Your thoughts become your words Your words become your actions Your actions become your habits Your habits become your values Your values become your destiny Mahatma Ghandi

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Shopping for spectacles

In Dalamory life, getting spectacles constitutes a Day Out. Misty is always ready and waiting – as soon as the campervan door opens. Morning coffee and a walk by the shore: And the chance to view the moody sky and … Continue reading

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The Social Network

  Sometimes I record films to look at later – usually they are movies that I feel I ought to look at, or ones that will make it easier to understand a situation or a person. The Social Network covers … Continue reading

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Giving and caring

This is a very poignant little video. You may find it beautiful like I did – it resulted in a cathartic release of tears, particularly appropriate to my worries over the NHS. On the other hand, skip it if you … Continue reading

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A little bit of this and that

After my rant about the NHS I think it is time to think of more mundane things – as the poem goes. Dalamory has several innovations this week. The first of these is a new toaster – an early Christmas … Continue reading

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Time for an NHS rant

Sometimes this little ranty person appears and has a stomp about. That’s the way I feel today; in fact, it has been brewing for a few days. My experiences of the NHS go back over many years and come from … Continue reading

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Wii Fit update

    Things are looking up. I got cross at the Wii Fit’s predictions re age etc yesterday, so deleted all the information and started again. This time I was “aged” as 43. Now why did it immediately make me … Continue reading

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Medical check up time

It’s the time of year for medical mot’s and ‘flu jabs. We are so lucky in Dalamory with our health care that it is a pleasure to review everything. Patients are wholly involved in their ongoing care and there is … Continue reading

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