A little bit of this and that

After my rant about the NHS I think it is time to think of more mundane things – as the poem goes. Dalamory has several innovations this week. The first of these is a new toaster – an early Christmas present from some of the family. I know, we shouldn’t really have started to use it so soon, but it was too tempting to resist. It is practically all-singing and all-dancing.

Do you remember my medic’s advice to do weights whilst sitting down using cans of beans? Well yesterday a close friend was reminding me and demanding that I place the said cans beside my chair so that I won’t continue to forget. What I didn’t admit to is that I can’t cope with this bit of mundanity. (Yes, it is a word, I looked it up.) The happy ending is that HBTW had a trawl in his box of special bits in the garage and found a pair of pink weights that I used to use years ago. These I can happily share space with; I’ve started doing some repetitions already – so has HBTW – annoyingly he always loses weight more quickly than me, when I am trying to get fit.

The final thing to add to my happiness quotient is a Wii game from last Christmas. It is a dancing DVD – the idea being that the player mimics the moves of the singer/dancer. It is good fun, as long as nobody walks in on you. I feel slightly guilty that a Christmas DVD has sat in its cellophane for so long, but that is the nature of life these days. It probably shows that in the west we have too many “things.”  More on that later, I can feel another rant coming on.

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2 Responses to A little bit of this and that

  1. Dianne says:

    Pink weights, huh? I have a set of blue weights my son Richard gave me years ago. I will have to dig them out. As for too many things…I have learned the fine art of getting what I need and occasionally what I want. Right now, I want the wii thingy. See what you started?

  2. Mina says:

    Question – are the little pink darlings heavier or lighter that tins of beans?

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