Nearly caught out

Just past my bedtime and I realised I had not written anything for today.  So much for my vow to write something everyday for 3 weeks. But I couldn’t go to sleep for thinking about the way I would be cross at myself for failing………. so here goes, the simple substance of a day.

A special package in the post containing next year’s edition of Sacred Space, together with a new Sheaffer fountain pen. Therein lies a story. I have several fountain pens which I have collected or acquired over the years. One is a slimline Sheaffer – ideal for writing the daily journal; another is a bog-standard Parker – used as a backup for the journal. The third was the standard Sheaffer which I used with violet ink cartridges – it was for my prayer journal……. a sort of holy colour. The original of this last pen simply wore out and refused to function, but as I had a number of packets of violet cartridges I had to replace the pen with a new one. Well that is what I tell myself…….. of course I have to admit that I really do love violet ink. Prayers somehow seem easier with the right ink.

After that early excitement friends of nearly 50 years arrived to spend the day. We had a good time covering all the topics one is supposed to avoid, and also laughed over shared memories. So it was a very different kind of Day Off. Most enjoyable all the same.

By the way, does anyone else have special foibles attached to writing? Or is everyone addicted to their keyboard and screen?

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5 Responses to Nearly caught out

  1. Mina says:

    After years of using Pitman shorthand using both pencil and pen my writing skills deteriorated to the point where I can hardly decipher what has been written. I still fall back on shorthand at times so anything on paper looks rather like a hen had wandered over it. Hence the use of the keyboard and printer for important items which other people have to read.

  2. Tabor says:

    I never thought about how one can be called to a particular color for writing. My writing has become so bad that I must say I rely much more on the keyboard. While pen and paper are more personal and more romantic, if it cannot be read or it is difficult to read, then one must rely on the computer! Is there are particular reason you are setting a goal of blogging or writing once a day?

  3. Tim says:

    Ooh, violet. Hadn’t encountered that idea before. I’m afraid it’s all green-on-black phosphors for me 🙂

  4. freda says:

    Tabor, the idea of writing everyday for three weeks was a challenge from a friend. I had been complaining about losing impetus – hence I have been writing whatever comes into my head. Funnily enough it has been enjoyable, but I really will have to do my blog post earlier in the day! When it gets to the end of the three weeks I shall make a decision about what to do about the blog. At the moment, it looks like I may just keep going, with the view that at the very least I am leaving a legacy of sorts for my grandchildren.

  5. My mom always used violet ink in her letters to me. So thank-you for the memory bubble. Dianne

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